Warning: Do Not Book an Early Pregnancy Scan Until You've Read This...

Dear Friend,

If you’re suffering from pain, bleeding, anxiety, a previous miscarriage...

... or if you’re considering a private early pregnancy scan for any other reason...

... this could be the most important message you ever read.


Actually, there are three reasons:

• Reason 1: A private early pregnancy scan is not always the best answer

• Reason 2: The timing of an early pregnancy scan is critical

• Reason 3: Delaying care can be life-threatening

Sound extreme?

Well, pain and bleeding are sometimes normal. 

But they can also be symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

And if it’s the latter, delaying action by a single day can be dangerous.

Here’s the problem.

It’s really hard to know which early pregnancy symptoms are normal…

It’s equally hard to know what you should do (if anything)…

And the absence of symptoms—or not having seen your baby yet—can be just as scary!

In fact, I’ve been an obstetric sonographer for over 8 years…

… and scanned women with every worry, symptom and complication under the sun.

But when I was pregnant with my daughter Mabel, I was so sick I had to take two weeks off work.

Although I knew sickness was normal in early pregnancy…

I worried that the nutrients Mabel needed were being flushed down the toilet.

As I looked forward to my first NHS scan, 12 weeks seemed like an agonisingly long time to wait.

Of course, as a sonographer, I could have scanned myself...

But I was frightened of what I might see.

So in the end, I decided to have a private early pregnancy scan.

My point?

Well, whether you’ve had symptoms or not, I understand that early pregnancy can be nerve-wracking.

Sadly, it's impossible to know for certain whether all is ok until you’ve had an ultrasound scan.

But as I mentioned, a private early scan is not always the best answer...

You may, for example, be eligible for additional NHS scans. You may be better off going to A&E or speaking to your midwife.

I also said that the timing of an early scan is critical...

That’s because a scan can only detect a pregnancy from 6 weeks. So  what happens if you’re estimated due date is inaccurate?

I really wish there was a one-size-fits-all answer.

I’m afraid there isn’t — but I can try to help you figure out what to do.

When I first opened Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound, I would speak to women individually and help them decide what to do about their early pregnancy worries.

But as the business has grown, my time has become more limited and I no longer have the capacity to do this for everyone.

So what I’ve done over the last 6 months is take that previously one-on-one process and turn it into a free online quiz. Here's how it works.

Simply answer a few questions and get a custom report and recommendation based on your circumstances.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s totally free of cost or obligation.

Sound helpful?

If so, click the button below to start the quiz:
P.S. If you've already decided to have an early scan and you're just considering your options — please take the quiz. 

It will help you avoid increasing your anxiety by having a scan at the wrong time or by choosing a low quality scan.

You will also be presented with a special offer for a scan at Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound, including fast and easy booking instructions.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Maria Birch.
Pictured with her daughter Mabel, Maria Birch has been supporting pregnant women for over 8 years as an obstetric sonographer for the NHS and Sneak-A-Peek Ultrasound. She is registered with the HCPC and CQC.
What Parents Are Saying...
“I was put completely at ease—the whole experience exceeded my expectations!”
Helen Owen, High Bickington
“That little bit of extra care and time made all the difference in the world"
Laura Baxter, Barnstaple
“It was so lovely that Maria explained and showed my partner everything so thoroughly”
Laura Harding, Minehead
“The setting was perfect, cosy and decorated so nicely”
Fran Dennis, Bideford
”Maria was amazing. She is so friendly and welcoming”
Jenni Wells, Newton Abbot
“Wonderful to have my partner there—we left very happy”
Hannah Marie Smith, Ilfracombe
“Maria gave us so much information that we didn’t received with the NHS”
Gemma Leach, Barnstaple
“This is the second scan I’ve had at Sneak-a-peek and it is truly wonderful.”
Kerry Harding, Barnstaple
“It was a really relaxing and magical experience!”
Suzanna Shepherd, Chivenor
“We loved how much time was spent looking at the baby”
Lara Galvani, Taunton
“Maria genuinely wants you to get the most from your scan that you possibly can”
Helen Simms, Wrafton
“Maria was so calm and kind”
Melissa Ashton, Instow
“Amazing to have so many photos and videos to show all my family!”
Kelly Tatton, Bideford
“Seeing our little many wiggling about on screen filled us both with so much joy!”
Emily Mitchinson, Torrington
"We loved seeing our babies at the scan. Maria took the time to properly show us everything about the babies, took loads of pictures and videos which are just amazing!"
Sophie Thompson, Fremington
“I loved how long we got to look at our little boy and all the anatomy”
Shannon Kiff, South Molton
“Our scan was very thorough and we got to see the baby for a long time”
Chani Cooper, Ilfracombe
“We came away with the reassurance we needed”
Laura Potts, Bideford
“My partner and I were delighted to see the baby together”
Sasha Ashton, Kings Nympton
“You make memories that won’t be forgotten”
Louise Beard, Barnstaple
“Very different to an NHS scan… you can take your time”
Debbi Andrews, Barnstaple
“Relaxing, comforting and friendly”
Marisa Martin, Bideford
“Thank you—I have told my midwife all about you!”
Zoe Mclaren
“I got peace of mind and a way to share my pregnancy with loved ones”
Iunia Bujita, Barnstaple
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